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First, we would like to apologize to those who had planned to spend some time at COWBELL on Friday, May 7th.  We had an alarming medical event involving one member of our staff which required us to shut down operations for the evening. He is fine, and on the mend, thankfully to everyone’s relief.

We would also like to apologize for our excitement at the prospect of reopening after a three month hiatus as it was this excitement which overrode any thoughts of caution or common sense at doing so without the necessary staffing levels to do it well, and in keeping with our responsibility to our patrons and staff.

 There is a level of disappointment that occurs when staff members, who feel secure in, and enjoy where they work, are suddenly faced with uncertainty of the same.  Likewise, guests who look forward to dining with us, who plan on helping us stay afloat, are prevented from doing so without notice can, reasonably, become frustrated and disappointed.  We take responsibility for it all, and truly appreciate everyone’s contributions over these last two weeks of re-opening COWBELL.

That simple fact is we cannot operate with a skeleton staff and achieve the level of service and quality we require from a dining experience with COWBELL.  We, therefore, have elected to remain closed until such time as we achieve staffing levels sufficient to re-open COWBELL entirely, including table-side service, dining available indoors or on our patio, online & delivery services and extended hours of operation.  

The lesson here is if you go half-assed to re-open, your entire ass gets bitten before closing. Again.  

 It’s a good lesson, and a mistake we will endeavor not to repeat.  

Watch this space, and please visit www.cowbell-nola.com for updates as we are hoping this closure will not extend beyond May 2021.

Be well.


Wear a mask.

Get vaccinated.

Still wear a mask.

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