8801 Oak Street · New Orleans, LA 70118 · 504-298-8689

In the olden times, ranchers adorned their cows with custom bells to identify them as they ate their way through the open range. The mellifluous ring of the cowbell reminds the rancher to bring those delicious meats to us, so that we can serve them to you in the Riverbend. Cowbell in New Orleans is where you can find food. Handmade. Simple. Delicious.

Cowbell is now open all day Tuesday through Saturday.
Tuesday–Thursday: 11:30 am–9:00 pm
Friday and Saturday: 11:30 am–10:00 pm
Sunday and Monday: closed


The Provisions

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The Crew

Brack May is a local chef, philosopher, social entrepreneur, and teacher. He grew up in a family that has long been involved in armed volleyball along the Santa Monica Bayou in Los Angeles Parish. Brack was a successful collegiate athlete and received schooling in many territories including Washington State, Iowa, California and Vermont. Brack became involved in local sports in 2001 which has resulted in excellent relationships with several local orthopedic surgeons. Brack is the Chef/owner of a new restaurant venture, Cowbell on Oak Street, and Green Tomato Productions, private cooking school and catering. Brack lives in Central City with his wife and four Katrina rescue dogs where they all collect 22oz cans of malt liquor which have been paid for by the federal government. His wife remains without a name, but does the laundry.

Krista Pendergraft-May is the manager and owner of Cowbell when she is not doing laundry. While she prefers to remain in the background, constructing pieces of art composed largely of materials reclaimed from assorted dumpsters throughout NOLA, she granted us permission to include her on the website to prove to her father that she is not, in fact, in the Witness Protection Program.

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